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About Me

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Customers like to know about the company and people behind the products and services they buy. Here I will tell you a little about yours truely.

Here is a picture of me & some of the peeps I hang around with at 4W5 Cafe in Wilmington, Delaware every tuesday night....


I am not "certified" MCSE or A+.

I have taken the following CBT: MCSE, A+, HTML. but I have not been tested for "certification," However I am thoroughly familiar with windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP Pro, Windows ME, Windows Millenium, and windows NT.
I have also become familiar with OS 7, through OS 10.4, and Macintosh computers.

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OPERA Dot Com JimBeaver

My Business Philosophy

My mission statement or purpose may be vague here. however, I emphasize selling a high-quality product and servicing customers in a professional and efficient manner. I only partner with reputable manufacturers and suppliers, so I have confidence in the products I sell or give away, and services I offer.
I try to help people understand the digital domain, and it's tricks, traps, and attributes. How to peruse it, both locally and globally.
I try to make computers available to people who would otherwise be unable to have them....

I am:!

You can contact me with that eMail address regarding:


  Network Member Name: theforce/jimbeaver

Tripod Member Name: homoprogrammus

This location (URL):

I took my name and title from HP training, Microsoft, training, and Macintosh training, Star Wars, and I was Luke Steinberger (Instead of "Skywalker") in the Guitar Wars with John Olah in the Misty Mountain Blues Band and Fast Eddy Weatherlow.... I'm in love with Natalie Portman.

Charlie Shore at this URL:
My high profile website on the Internet.... I'm always here.... Even when I'm not!

Computer And Web Services * 203 Smyrna Ave * Wilmington * DE * 19809-1236
Phone:             302   798   0195


Centerville, Delaware




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Art Mahaffey And Associates, Insurance consulting, and Planning.