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I've been writing "code" since the 1970's. Fourth, Assembler, Basic, Modified Basic, etc.... ad-infin-item....

I'm fluent with many languages. I speak ENGLISH, and I'm a "total communicator" (AMESLAN, "Signed English," and "American Sign Language.")  I worked as an "interpreter" for the magistrate court system at "Gander Hill Prison" in Wilmington, Delaware for eight and one half years....

I also speak "HTML."
"HTML" is one of the languages or "codes" that is used to build websites on the Intranet, and the Internet. HTML is a "program language" that is common to webmasters who create all the resources we exploit in the digital domain.... Both "local" and "global" domains are stored on various computer "hard drives" and "servers...."

My proficiency with HTML has evolved as a result of doing things on the Internet.... Trial by error self disciplined, and educated.... Also CBT, and "auto programmed" courses in HTML in self help books....
My interest in "code" sprang from my use of a "programmable" calculator manufactured by Hewlett Packard in the 1970s called the HP-41 CX. I have almost every program that was developed for the HP-41, and the HP-71 most of their "application modules" and "solutions books" and "bar codes"
I'm selling all of that HP stuff at these URLs:
  1.      Tripod1
  2.      AngelFire1
  3.      AngelFire2


I have many friends who know that I'm a "geek" and have seen my high profile web sites on the Internet since 1983. I volunteered to help my friends establish a "web presence...." so for any of them who had a desire for it, I have built at least one web page for them or their businesses....
All but one of my friends' "FREE" websites are being hosted by "FREE Servers" at Tripod, or AngelFire....
My high profile website on the Internet.... I'm always here.... Even when I'm not!

Computer And Web Services * 203 Smyrna Ave * Wilmington * DE * 19809-1236
Phone:             302   798   0195


Centerville, Delaware




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