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Maintenance Issues

Keep your laptop out of extreme hot and cold temperatures, which could affect the performance of the PC.

Computer And Web Services

Useful Tips

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On this page I will provide some tips that can improve the performance of your computer and give you ideas you can use with your system.

Computer Operations

Try not to open too many programs while working on your computer. The more things that are open, the slower your system will run.

INTERNET Experience
Install and surf the Internet behind a high quality firewall to filter and recognize aggressive advertisers, Browser Pirates, and attempts to "hi-jack" your computer, Internet browser, or corrupt your OS....
Install a "cookie cutter" and cut tracking cookies after each Internet expidition....
The First Commandment of Computers:
Thou shalt "back-up" all files to external drives, or storage devices so that "recoverey" from virus is speedy, fast, easy, and painless.... Sometimes it is necessary to "reformat" the HD, and backing up data to external devices makes recovery a snap....

Jim Beaver


When you purchase a new printer, remember to add it to the list of printers for your computer. This will allow you to print on your new printer.

Frequent Maintainance
Fragmanted files cause the computer to run slow. Every game, operation, application file, upload, download, etc... causes the computer to have "fragmented" files on it's HD. Defragmenting often (I do it weekly.) causes the computer to run as fast as it is able to.
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